VX One

The VX ONE is a fresh and exciting sport one-design for the international two to three person racing enthusiast. The design concept is born of a careful review of performance one-design demographics within this category worldwide. The VX ONE offers sailors from Junior to Advanced a vehicle for perpetual enjoyment of performance sailing in an affordable, durable, and technically advanced package, and at a realistic price.


Concepts of Design


The VX team includes lead design and concepts by Viper 640 designer, Brian Bennett, naval architecture and design engineering by Ross Weene and Rodger Martin, rig development and engineering by John Clinton and the Southern Spars team, and deck layout by Harken. The VX is designed with Multisurf Yacht design software, 3D modeled with Rhino ceros, and VVP analysis by the Wolfston unit (UK) software. Hull tools will be cut with precision 5 axis CNC equipment for perfect geometry and replication.


The VX will be built using a conservative level of technology. Major components will be resin-infused with Vinylester and e glass with PVC cores, and Armorflex gelcoat. This is the most environmentally considerate approach to building a production boat and will provide a tough, durable craft, with optimal performance and longevity. Due to the 3-D design process, all parts and systems can be duplicated with precision and stocked for quick turnaround if needed. This will be a boat that will give many years of racing service.


The VX is being developed from the start using ISAF templates and guidelines to guarantee strict international design and build tolerances, and class management development.


A difficult task requiring experience and an understanding of the dynamics involved in producing and marketing race boats, this is a process where we look carefully at the target market and competition to determine what we feel customers will pay for the finished product, and engineer the project from this figure backwards.


Sailing is an expensive sport and suffers from varying degrees of inefficiency. The VX is designed to consider the long-ranging impact of shipping and moving multiple boats and associated equipment efficiently. On initial delivery, the VX can be delivered 3 units per 20’ container, or 8 units per 40’ HC container. The hull is light enough to comfortably stack 3 high on a road single trailer. The Southern Spars Carbon rig is shipped in 2 pieces for easy handling and stocking.



  • Complete Race Ready VX One.
  • Vacuum Infused Opoxy with carbon reinforcements and E glass construction. Divinycell foam cores throughout.
  • Absolutely NO fairing required.
  • Southern Spars Carbon Mast, Boom, Gennaker Prod, GNAV strut.
  • Mast utilizes fixed carbon spreaders.
  • Carbon/Glass rudder.
  • Extruded anodized aluminum keel fin with kelp cutter and fiberglass encapsulated lead bulb.
  • 100% Dyform standing rigging package.
  • Complete pro – race level running rigging package, halyards, control lines, and sheets.
  • All Harken fitout, including radial self tacking and double swivel below deck furler.
  • Launcher tube fitted.
  • Padded hiking straps.


VX One Ovington or MacKay Race-Boat Package


(Subject to Availability, All payments in U.S. Dollars)


  • Complete boat – Ready to Race (see specifications)
  • Southern Spars Carbon Rig Package, Harken, Ronstan, & Seasure Hardware
  • Marlow Race Cordage.
  • Carbon rudder / Anodized Aluminum Lifting Keel / Sea Sure Rudder Hardware


  • Grand Prix Tapered lines Upgrade (Spin Halyard, Spin Sheet, Tags and Soft Shackles). $425.00
  • Dyneema Lifting Strops with SS Hardware | $275.00
  • Top Cover (Mast up) (Banks) | $695.00
  • Bottom Cover (Banks) | $575.00
  • Mast Cover (Harken) | $158.00
  • Maxi Cockpit Storage Bag (Banks) | $195.00
  • Trailer EZ Loader Custom Aluminum I beam with Fitted Fiberglass Bunks | $3,175.00
  • Tie-down Bar and Ratchet Straps | $295.00
  • Launching Trolly – Beach / Ramp/ Crane Launch – Galvanized | $1,250.00
  • Double Stack Kit | $885.00
  • Mainsheet Floor Cam Kit (Harken) | $435.00
  • North Racing Sails | $4,495.00
  • Ovington/Bennett Dual Devise Compass Bracket for TacTic/Velocitek | $285.00
  • Velocitek Prostart | $599.00
  • Velocitek Shift $699.00
  • Tack-Tic Micro Compass | $499.00
  • Windex, Wind Indicator | $38.00
  • Seadek (Premium Grade) Soft Floor Installed | From $950.00 (Call for Quote)
  • Graphics and Body Wrap (Quoted Item)
  • Shrinkwrap | $295.00
  • Delivery (We will contact you with a Quote)


  • 50% Deposit is due immediately upon order, we will contact you shortly to discuss payment method.
  • Full Balance is due before shipping from factory.
  • Special price base package boats are compatible with Bennett Yachting Transport systems.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.


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  • Aluminum I beam trailer with 13″ tires, fitted fiberglass bunks.
  • Aluminum tie down bar with 3 ratchet straps and mast support. Tie down kit inc.
  • VX ONE Launching Dolly
  • Spectra lifting strops with SS hardware.
  • Bottom cover (Harken)
  • Top Cover (mast up) (Harken)
  • Maxi Cockpit Travel Bag (Harken)
  • Rudder Cover (Harken)
  • Mast Sock Cover (Harken)
  • UV Jib Sock Cover (Harken)
  • Standing rigging bag with vinyl bottom (Harken)
  • Spreader bag (Padded) (Harken)
  • Boom bag (Padded) (Harken)
  • Velocitek Pro-start
  • Tack-Tic Micro Compass
  • NovaSail Tactical Instrument
  • Windex indicator
  • Outboard Motor Bracket
  • VX One T-shirt “Evolve”
  • VX One T-shirt “Racing”
  • VX One Hat
  • VX One Racing Flag


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We encourage you to inquire further. If you have any questions please contact us immediately.


Some Basic Facts:

  • LOA = 19′/5.79m
  • LWL = 18.83′/5.74m
  • Beam = 7.17′/2.19m
  • SA Main + Jib = 215 sq ft./19.97 sq m
  • SA Gennaker = 280 sq ft./26 sq m
  • Draft, keel down = 4.33′/1.32m
  • Crew Weight tolerance = 380 – 450 lbs (2-3 person)

Additional Features:

  • Boats built by Ovington Boats, Ltd.
  • GNAV (above boom Vang)
  • Self Tacking Jib on Harken Radial track
  • Recessed Harken Jib furler
  • Large mouth Gennaker launcher
  • Single line Gennaker halyard/ retrieval/ pole launcher
  • Clear coated Carbon mast by Southern Spars (NZL)
  • Clear coated Carbon Gennaker prod
  • Clear coated Carbon Boom
  • Simple, uncluttered cockpit
  • Extruded and Anodized Aluminum keel for perfect shape and durability
  • High performance profile Carbon-Glass rudder
  • Simplified rig utilizing sensible engineering; provides easy tuning
  • Storage for Day gear/ Provisions
  • Under deck paddle storage
  • Optional Outboard bracket (2 Hp Outboard) for recreational use
  • No paid professional programs at VX One level*
  • See SS version for pro/am rules.
  • All sailors welcome. No owner-driver restrictions
  • KISS approach

Find the Fleet:



David Reich (Class President)

“The VX One is providing a platform that is quite unique in a world flooded with 20ft sport-boats. Bennett Yachting has really hit a home run with the VX One. These boats are easy to sail by men and women of all ages, abilities, and crew weights. From the beginning, we set out to form a strong class association that has been supported by the builder and a dedicated group of owners and is backed by a professional class management team. The VX One International Class Association is built upon proven methods that have worked with other successful one-design classes. These include a Class Constitution and Class Rules that truly represent what the owners and crew want – level sailing in a fun-filled and affordable environment – both on and off the water. The VX One is truly one-design sailing evolved.”

Peter Conde (Etchells, Star, and Laser Champion – Director of High performance sailing for Yachting Australia)

“It was a pleasure to sail the VX One for the first time. I enjoyed the experience enormously – the fun of sailing it downwind like a dinghy in 25 knots, the tactical sailing, the responsiveness of the boat both upwind and downwind, and the great group of people in this class.”

Marty Kuhlman (Quantum Sails)

“Its back to what makes sailing fun. You get a sportboat that’s cool, exciting, and easy to sail.”

The Norris Family

“Being easy, and being high performance – makes it a great class.” -Richard

“The VX is simple, fast, and suits sailors of all skill levels. The best one design I have ever sailed by far, and I hope others will continue to discover this incredible boat.” -Anthony

Andy & Beth Walford (St. Petersburg, FL)

“Finally an exciting boat for family racing.”

Lauren “Lozzy” (Kasparek Crew AUS 127)

“I have sailed on dinghies, trailerables and skiffs, which are all fun. However nothing comes close to the VX. It combines all the best elements of these different boats. It is fast, dry, simple to rig and easy to move around in. The way it has been designed, I feel safe and confident sailing it in windy conditions. In a wipeout, all you have to do is let go of the sheets, blow the vang and wait for the VX to right itself. Then you are back on track – no worries! I love sailing the VX-One!”