Marcus Eagan’s Cajun Underwriting dominated the standings at the VX ONE Midwinter Championship to claim the title with 18 points. No races occurred on Sunday due to high winds at host Sarasota Sailing Squadron in Florida, after seven races were completed Friday and Saturday. Brendan Healy’s Jenny XII placed second with 33 points, and Christopher Alexander’s Isabelita Con Queso rounded out the top three with 39 points. Eagan is also the current VX One North American Champion. Sailing with brother Andrew, Cajun Underwriting won four races and finished with a line of 1,1,2,1,1,7,5. The other race winners were Healy, Alexander and Sam Padnos’ TWD.
The top five:
1. Marcus Eagan, Cajun Underwriting, 18 points
2. Brendan Healy, Jenny XII, 33 points
3. Christopher Alexander, Isabelita Con Queso, 39 points
4. Dustin Brennan, Marks-O-Lot Hero, 45 points
5. Jeff Eiber, This Side Down, 50 points
Twenty-five VX Ones competed in this event. Photos are available on the VX One Class Facebook page, and complete results may be found by clicking here