Regatta Management

byinc_regattamgmt_description Bennett Yachting, Inc. supports five VX One “Gold Cup” and two regional sailing events each calendar year. We recognize that good sailors are typically also people with little time to spare for their recreational passions. Organizing work and family obligations mean that often just showing up for an event is a huge effort. Getting your boat there, ready to race and in economical fashion can be prohibitive for many competitive sailors.

Bennett Yachting, Inc. offers a full spectrum of service for the busy sailor. We can transport your boat to and from the sailing venue, rig/tune prior to the event and de-rig post event. We will organize and maintain all your equipment and keep your boat in “race ready” condition.

Your boat will be transported in our 48 ft. custom box trailer by a fully licensed, responsible driver. On Board is a traveling workshop and chandlery so most minor repairs can be done on site meaning you don’t miss any of the action due to minor equipment failure or breakage.

  • Boat Transport
  • Boat Load & Off-Load
  • Equipment Load & Off-Load
  • You take care of the rest.*
  • Silver is most suitable for the sailor who enjoys tinkering with his/her boat.
  • Boat Transported
  • Boat Cleaned
  • Rigged w/Base Tune
  • 100% Ready for Launch
  • Post Regatta Clean
  • De-Rig
  • Pack & Stow All Equipment
  • Loaded to Trailer
  • This means all you have to do is show up, sail, and have fun!*